Christian Community

Welcome to BlessBook, a christian community for people that are new to christ as well as lifetime christians. We simply provide a place where members can feel safe about their faith and making new friends in Christ.

Your Christian Community

We are a christian community built by christians so that members can get online social activity they want without all the garbage.
Full control over your profile information in reference to privacy as well as the ability to control emails received and notifications.
Our platform has all of the features you have come to expect from the larger social networks with our biggest difference being a paid service keeping out 99% of unwanted content.
Avoid the pitfalls of being new to crypto by sharing strategies as well as pitfalls to ensure all of our members have the best information within our crypto commuity.

We provide real-time chat as well as full conversation management .

Stay in touch when it really counts  with all the tools we provide including chat, notifications, and conversation management.
Chats and conversations are seamlessly integrated into our system including date and time stamps. 
We have the mapping feature in the chat area as well as throughout the site including the stream

Our Platform Features

We have all the features you have come accustomed to using on other services with the largest difference being our purpose.


Create your own group of crypto traders and participate in group events and crypto competitions.


Create your own personal or professional page and share with other members.


Create your own poll right in the stream to get feedback from other members.


Create your own video library and share with other members.


Create your own event and promote to other members 


Create your own photo albums and share with members and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequently asked questions for your convienence.

  • Is your free trial really free?

    Yes, we only take credit cards to verify our customers and for the convienence of members that want to continue after the trial. You will not be charged until your trial is over and decide to continue your subscription.

  • Do you provide financail services or advice?
  • Can I cancel anytime?
  • How long have you been online?